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An invoice is a document that verifies the completion of a commercial transaction between a buyer and a seller. The bill commits the vendor to deliver the product or service and obligates the buyer to make payment according to what specified in the invoice. Electronic invoicing in Mexico is the digital representation of a Proof of Fiscal Digital (CFD), which is attached to the standards defined by the SAT in Annex 20 of the Miscellaneous Tax Resolution, and which can be generated, transmitted and protected by electronic means. Each electronic invoice issued with a digital stamp (Advanced Electronic Signature), which confirms their origin and gives validity to the SAT, an orignal chain that functions as a summary of the bill, and a sheet indicating the number of transaction .


It is likely that like many of our customers you're wondering, "Is the electronic invoice." The answer is YES, the electronic invoice is 100% legal since 2004 and was endorsed by the SAT in Annex 20 of the Miscellaneous Tax on the Tax Vouchers Digital. That document also sets out all the legal and technical resources to any individual or corporation wishing to deliver Prosecutors Digital Proof. Attorney Liaison was developed in strict accordance with the provisions of Annex 20 of the Miscellaneous Tax, so that the invoices issued are 100% valid before the SAT.

Digital Certificates are issued with legal value.

What are they?
re electronic records that provide high security and legal value to electronic transactions. Through a simple but rigorous process for certifying the identity, a digital certificate with a legal value is linked to the person making the request, giving you the ability to have a unique electronic identifier, allowing you to perform acts of commerce, as personal or on behalf of a corporation.


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