Software Solution for Administration and Control Rows  
Solution for control and maintenance of vehicle fleets.  
Administration and control system of savings and loans.  
Electronic Billing System  
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WebSphere helped define the middleware software category and is designed to configure, operate and integrate e-business applications across multiple network platforms using Web technologies.
There are various products within the WebSphere family, which offer you to benefit your business:

Mobile access, speech and business
Software Wireless, pervasive and voice enables data exchange and voice interaction between mobile devices and wireless.
Software portals, trade and development allows customization of environments for businesses, employees and consumers.
Software Development
The software development tools help design and construct applications and support the implementation of the same.
Business Integration
Integration servers provide a centralized infrastructure for application integration and automation of business processes.
Organizational Productivity, Portals and Collaboration. (WebSphere Portal)
The collaboration software provides real-time messaging, virtual team meetings and information repositories.

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