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How do I use?
Digital certificates have a legal value to various uses and applications, which are aimed at eliminating the inherent risks that individuals and organizations have when they perform different electronic transactions, examples of which are:
• Reliable Email
• The signing and delivery of electronic receipts for payroll
• Shelter Insurance electronic documents (NOM 151)
• Making / receiving electronic orders
• Making / receiving electronic deposits
• Signing electronic contracts

In which he is the legal value of electronic document to be signed by a legal value to electronic certificate. This type of certificate can be issued by a certification service provider authorized by the Ministry of Economy

Why should I get?
Certificates help prevent someone using a false key by pretending to be someone else, so the benefits in using them are:
• Reduce business risk, to have signed electronic documents that maintain the same legal value than a paper document
• Reduce risk of fraud because the documents that create a business transaction can not be altered
• Establish a clear and quick way the obligations of a person to know unequivocally the identity of the person who signs an electronic document
• Reduce the risk of theft of information by electronic means, to allow an electronic record can only be seen by the person who should know

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