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Solutions for the finance industry

To the extent that firms are more difficult to grow in an environment with limited credits, leaders are streamlining their operation models and turning its attention to growth markets, products and specialized services to improve profitability.

Strategically manage financial systems, better manage your expenses, budget and reporting to reduce costs and increase profitability.

A new class of truly agile organizations is emerging as the leaders in the competitive world of mid-size financial institutions. The transformation of central banking makes it possible to reduce costs and prepare for a prosperous future. Convert the complex into something manageable and controllable. Manea respond creatively to the challenges of the market. Unleash the power of a productive workforce.

Consider the challenges facing mid-sized financial institutions:

  • Accelerating the pace of change in the industry.
  • Rapid evolution of product offerings.
  • A strong competition.
  • Operating costs increased.
  • Most stringent government regulations.
  • Quicker and more accurate budgeting, periodic forecasting and planning dynamic financial requirements.
  • Increased demand for security against fraud and other risks.
  • Difficulty attracting and retaining the best employees.
Today operate in complex business environment has been termed a "profit paradox" for medium-sized financial institutions. It is caught between the desire to deliver short term gains and the need to anticipate precisely what their customers want in five years.

The increased security requirements, risk management and compliance are requiring that financial institutions like yours establish a more proactive approach across the enterprise to manage compliance issues. If your bank or credit union is like most mid-size financial institutions, is certainly feeling the pressure:

  • Reduce exposure to IT security threats through vulnerability assessments.
  • Establish risk tolerance and implement strategies to mitigate them.
  • Simplifying the management of data access and compliance reporting to support the lawsuits, records management and ensure the privacy and integrity of customer and employee data.
  • Maintain continuous availability of business operations.
Security, risk management and compliance practices are essential for financial institutions today. Do you have clear lines of responsibility and accountability? Is your data secured? How well can analyze the data to measure exposure to risk? How easy can meet the contractual and regulatory requirements? Are you using IT to create new business opportunities with less risk?

Operate in a secure IT environment, reduce IT complexity, work with limited IT resources and reduce operating costs. IBM solutions for risk, compliance and security - market leaders - give your financial institution a proactive approach (rather than reactive) to combat security threats, protect their critical processes, provide continuous uptime and help to meet regulatory requirements.


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