Software Solution for Administration and Control Rows  
Solution for control and maintenance of vehicle fleets.  
Administration and control system of savings and loans.  
Electronic Billing System  
Av. Viaducto Tlalpan 1013B
Col. La Joya CP 14090
México D.F.
Tels: (+52 55) 5554-8214,
5554-8190 y 5554-3660

Benefits for you
◦ Improve the distribution of physical and human resources from a better understanding of the process.
◦ integrates information from different branches. Centralized access to monitor the quality of service.
◦ You can see the impact of the workload of tramites, people and jobs.
◦ Allows easily experiment with changes to the model of care.
◦ Provides accurate information about the performance of individual business units in terms of customer care.

◦ loyalty of customers.
◦ Improving the company image, communication and advertising strategy with the tools to promote the system.
◦ Increased number of transactions.
◦ More control over the use and performance of resources.
◦ satisfied users.
◦ Cost reduction.

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